Global Banking Internship

Brand Ambassador / KOL
Valid until 15th December 2019

Global Banking Internship

Whether you are in your penultimate or final year of university, or you have already graduated, our Global Banking Internships will inspire you to apply your skills in an international business and allow you to explore your interests within either Investm


Regardless of what subject you have studied, on our competitively paid ten-week internship you will explore the work we do in Investment Banking or Coverage Relationship Management by becoming involved in real, challenging projects.

What you can expect

You will gain an introduction to one of the most dynamic areas of our business. We drive the growth of our clients’ businesses through a balance of generating trust and analysing markets in order to raise capital. Whether you are in Investment Banking or Coverage Relationship Management, you will be involved in an exciting project that will give you an insight into how determination, courageous decision-making and logical thinking are essential to our work. You will learn about the products and services we offer across our international network and connect with supportive colleagues in multiple areas. With their help and guidance, and some formal training, you will build your strengths so you can drive your development further.

What you will do

In Investment Banking, you can get a taste of how we satisfy the needs of our corporate, financial and public-sector customers by offering financial and advisory services. Working alongside industry experts, you will develop a wide range of skills and experience. Your time here will ensure you gain a breadth of experience and understanding of what we do and what it takes to work with us, from Debt Capital Markets and Infrastructure to exploring our Real Estate Finance teams.

In Coverage Relationship Management, you will see first-hand how we interact with the largest clients in our business. Our relationship managers and product specialists work to create innovative business solutions, and with their support, you too should learn how to build trusted client relationships. You will have the chance to improve your interpersonal skills and expand your knowledge of our broad product offerings.

Who does this suit?

We are looking for dedicated, courageous and curious people who are:

  • Fast learners. You will collaborate with new people on constantly evolving projects to help our clients. Quickly building your knowledge will give you credibility when working with colleagues and solving client problems
  • Strategic thinkers. We might be an international-focused bank, but it’s critical to our success that we consider local strategies, becoming regional guides for our clients. This means having an analytical and strategic mind and focusing on client objectives
  • Supportive team players. Teamwork is an important part of our business, and your development. Having a collaborative attitude will help you build a network of peers who are there to support you, and be supported too
What can this lead to?

Perform well and you’ll be considered for our Global Banking Graduate Programme, where you will specialise in either Investment Banking or Coverage Relationship Management, gaining an in-depth understanding of that business area. You will learn more about our products and services, and how you can provide sound advice for clients. Bring the right mindset and this internship could lead you on a challenging and rewarding journey.

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