Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park: Does it Meet the Hype? Honest Review.

Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park: Does it Meet the Hype? Honest Review.
Feb 12, 2019
9:18 am

by Mitchell W.

The sad but honest truth is... No.. -- it really didn't meet the expectation that I had for something with such a cool name like "Skytropolis Funland."

I know, I know... this is just one man's opinion that's being a real killjoy on something that kids are really excited about, but I just don't see what's all the hype about.

My thought when I walked in was like..."Eh, looks like the filming set of Zombieland le..."

I literally walked in last Saturday (9 Feb 2019) to try getting a "feel" for the place, but it just didn't give me that same kinda excitement that I had back when First World Indoor Theme Park existed years ago...

Do you remember those good ol' days?

Perhaps it was cause I was a kid back then and that had set my expectations for something more but like the saying goes, "if it ain't broken, don't fix it." 

First World Indoor Theme Park gave me that "FULAOWEYH feel", like I'm literally walking into a whole new world -- something like Narnia la...but I didn't have that "WOW factor" as I approached the entrance of Skytropolis. Sad really, cause I was really wanting to get excited and stuff that weekend.

Oh well, it may not have made me wanna spend RM60.00 to "experience the thrill" of Skytropolis, but don't let my opinions deter you from checking it out for yourself. I'm just much more loyal to the good ol' non-existent First World Indoor Theme Park...

Here are the price rates if you're interested on checking it out:

Click HERE to BUY tickets.

OH...and if you wanna check what rides are available, Click HERE for the full map layout of Skytropolis Funland.

However, without being a spoil sport, there IS something that I am interested to checkout though...and that is The Void -- a super-cool VR experience consisting of 4 great favourites, like Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire!

Now that I haven't been able to afford to try out's like RM130.00 for the yeah, I'll share the experience with you lot maybe when my boss sponsors me an entrance ticket(?) 

Maybe...and only just MAYBE, if this article gets a whole lotta views & shares, he might consider getting me a ticket so I would be able to create a cool video and take you guys on the journey of The Void for FREE!

So help a brutha out and share this article and hopefully I'll be able to convince him to get me a ticket and I'll bring you guys along on this journey... after all, we all need that Escape from Reality right?

Anyway here's a quick video of Skytropolis Funland to get you guys Excited(?)

Fiqa i've went there once. i like the Spin Crazy.
Izzuddin Zulkiflee wow

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