Malaysian Singer Rewrites the Stars in a Duet with YouTube Sensation Sam Tsui

Malaysian Singer Rewrites the Stars in a Duet with YouTube Sensation Sam Tsui
Feb 11, 2019
1:18 pm

by Mitchell W.

Ok, so many of us hardcore YouTube consumers would definitely recognize American singing sensation Sam Tsui, who is known to produce great music covers with Kurt Schneider.

This power duo is famously known to produce great stuff when working Peanut Butter & Jelly, Starsky & Hutch, Spongebob & Patrick, Batman & you get the picture here...

As familiar as most Malaysians are with these world-known performers, do we actually know our own home-grown talents -- like Daiyan Trisha?

Oh btw, I met Daiyan at The Curve when hp launched its latest tech, the HP Pavilion x360

Click HERE to read about it.

Anyway, back on topic... Daiyan is breaking out of the local scene with this romantic performance with Sam, a music cover of The Greatest Showman's big hit, "Rewrite the Stars".

Check it out:

We're proud that another Malaysian is creating big waves and awareness that we Malaysians do have talent!

Oh, don't doubt Daiyan for her vocal abilities cause this girl can really sing -- take it from me, I've heard her perform LIVE. This song needed no auto tune.

Click HERE to follow her on Instagram.

Btw, if you wanna catch Sam Tsui live in concert, he's coming to KL on 23 March 2019!

Click HERE to get your tickets!

Before we forget, if you didn't know... Sam is already married!

He married his long-time boyfriend Casey Breves in 2016 -- but I bet many of us didn't even know LOL..

Fasha Nabilla nice
Nadzir Jamal may much success be in both their futures
Fiqa i didnt know that he is gay :((( so sad.
Izzuddin Zulkiflee Wow
Vanei Koh WOOOOTS!

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