PSA: Exploding Phone Battery

PSA: Exploding Phone Battery
Feb 10, 2019
5:18 pm

by Mitchell W.

In one of those unfortunate days, this lady's phone exploded next to her at it gave her the shock of her life.

I mean wouldn't you jump off your seat if your phone just went...

Well good news is that the office lady wasn't hurt -- well physically anyway... we're not too sure about her emotional state. Before I go any further, check out what happened:

According to our boss Jason Ko, "Confirm that this is a Government office. Our Elementary deduction skills only 1 person is working hard at the beginning of the Video. When there is a HooHa .. suddenly 20 additional Staff appear out of nowhere!"

However, we do hope she's recovered -- from the shock at least, and will be back to work in no time.

One thing is for sure though, that she isn't using the old Samsung Note 7 (currently known as Note FE), cause otherwise...this would've happened:

For the rest of us who are now too afraid of being too close to your smartphone, follow these 3 simple rules:

1. Avoid heavy usage of your smart phone while it is charging -- so yes, means no playing PUBG while you've plugged it in to a power source...unless you wanna lose your fingers in the process.

2. Keep your smart phone away from heat. That means no putting it on top of your CPU or directly under a lightbulb.

3. NEVER charge your phone while you're sleeping. When you overcharge the battery, you get it "pregnant" and you don't know when it'll **POP**. So Don't.

Fasha Nabilla okay..dont touched phone when charging..ignore your phone for a while
Vanei Koh scary

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