Enjoy 10% Discount on House Shopping for the Next 6 Months!

Enjoy 10% Discount on House Shopping for the Next 6 Months!
Feb 1, 2019
10:35 am

by Mitchell W.

Prices of properties are constantly spiking and most of us feel that it is nearly impossible to afford a home of our die also still cannot pay off...

Think about it...most of us have a list of pending loans to pay off, from college tuition fees to car installment.

Life isn't giving us any breaks and the longer we wait, cost of houses are only going UP UP UP!

However, Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng made a statement that'll ease up on your financial spending when it comes to buying a home for yourself -- after all, I don't think your parents would want you to stay with them till you're 60 right?

For the next 6 months, your aspiration of buying your dream home might actually come true. Home buyers will be able to enjoy a 10% discount + stamp duty exemption as property developers have agreed on all unsold properties, as part of the ongoing public-private Home Ownership Campaign (HOC) 2019.

[Take note though, that this applies for homes that are priced from RM300,000 - RM1,000,000.]

Real Estate and Housing Developers’ Association (Rehda) Malaysia will be holding a property expo at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) from 1 MAR 2019 - 3 MAR 2019 in conjunction with the campaign. Properties priced between RM150,000 and RM2.5 million will be on offer.

Sure that's still a lot of money, but if you think about it... prices of properties aren't going down, so it's a matter of "now or never". No one said adulting is fun or easy...but it'll be worth it once you know you have a place of your own -- that you worked hard for and bought with your own savings.

PLUS... guys, you'll impress your girlfriend's parents with your maturity and ability to provide a secured living space for their baby girl. Which is what I'm personally working on right now too; painful but worth it.

Anyway for those of you who don't know what a Stamp Duty Waiver is, here's a breakdown of what you'll need to know:

  • It is a follow-up action by the government after the sales and services tax (SST) exemption on main building materials such as bricks, cement and sand, as well as construction services.
  • First-time home buyers will enjoy this privilege for the purchase of houses priced up to RM1 million.
  • For the first RM1 million, stamp duty is exempted. For the balance of the price, a stamp duty of 3% will be charged.
  • Stamp duty on loan agreements has also been exempted, as compared with the previous 0.5% rate.

So keep on the look out...and from one Millennial who is currently in the process of purchasing his own first home *ehem*, I'm personally wishing the best to the rest of you who are looking to walk on the path of adulthood.

Once we've gotten our own home, we can finally prove all our doubters wrong. We're not this "loser" that they say we are.

Let's do this now!!! ...and cry when we see our bank statement later, at the end of every month for the next 35 years(?)..

Fiqa i wish I know this earlier man.

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