Best 5 Fat Burning Workouts You Can Do in Just 5 Minutes!

Best 5 Fat Burning Workouts You Can Do in Just 5 Minutes!
Jan 11, 2019
11:43 am

by Mitchell W.

We've all packed up a pretty heavy amount of weight from the 2018 hols and would definitely be putting "weight loss" as a resolution for 2019.

So if you're like me, who constantly says "I don't have the time to hit the gym man...", then this is definitely the article you'd wanna keep on your tab.

I have the Best & Most Intense 5 Fat Burning Workouts that you can do at home, or even in your own room when you wake up...and all you need is just 5 minutes in a day!

1. Push-Ups (60 secs)

It's not about how many you do, but the quality of your push up is what counts. You could do 60 push-ups in 60 seconds but if you're not activating the proper muscle group, then you've practically just exhausted yourself for nothing. So take it slow (yes, you can stop if you want to) and make every rep count.

TIP: Put a wallet or a rolled up towel beneath your chest, and every rep, make your chest touch it. That's ONE (1) rep. Overtime, you'll get stronger and you'll find that 1-minute of push-ups would be easypeasylemonsqueezy


2. Switching Lunges (60 secs)

Girls love this exercise - I mean technically anything that gives them a firmer & rounder booty. However, dudes... if you're not looking to firm up your ass, switching lunges is a great way to activate your abs, hips and quads. When doing this exercise, the most important thing for you to remember is breathing. If you hold your breath, you will not last through the 60 secs. Regulate your breathing and you'll last way longer.

TIP: Lose the yoga mat, cause it might either interrupt your rep as it crumples under the feet or it might even trip you. Having said that, be careful on the way down and don't fall hard on your knees. 


3. Bicycles (60 secs)

It seems easy enough but if you're doing it right, it's bound to hurt. You'll need to execute this exercise with full extension of the legs and your elbows to cross over and touch the opposite side's knee. Go slow, this isn't a race; but not too slow that your body cools off before your body it gets the chance to heat up. The objective is to crunch your abs and stretch it out -- and again, you'll really need to practice on your breathing when it comes to this one.

TIP: Squeeze your core and keep it to a pace that you can feel the burn & stretch. Now, if you're feeling tired, slow down but DO NOT STOP. Think of yourself pedalling up a really steep hill and all you have is another 50m to go. #thinkpositive 


4. Burpees (60 secs)

Now this one really burns. It is definitely a fat burning workout that builds your strength and endurance - commonly seen as a punishment for soldiers. As you're doing the jumps, be sure to squeeze the muscles at the back of your legs and don't tense up your knees when you land or it'll hurt later. For something a little more advanced, try doing a Box Jump Burpees -- where you're stepping up your game by jumping up an elevated really works your leg muscles.

TIP: You don't wanna blaze through this cause it can test your endurance, depending on your level. Try doing 3-5 propers reps, take a 3-seconds breather, then hop right back into it. The aim of the game is to keep moving and push your body to heat up faster so your fats would melt off.


5. Seated In-and-Outs (60 secs)

Keep a steady pace on this one; we don't want you passing out before completing the workout. To spice up this workout a little, you can even throw in some leg flutters (click here) into the mix. At this point, you'll already be feeling pain -- especially your hips and legs. Just don't forget to tighten your core and keep pushing. It's your last workout!

TIP: Keep in mind that you're grinding to burn off every last guilty bite of those yummy burgers & shakes...and fries...and oil. It is crucial to fight and make every last rep count -- your reputation is riding on it. Your date may not wanna date a lumpy chump for long when there are so many glorious guys working their asses off to be physically "perfect".


There you have it... 5 exercises to be done in just 5 minutes of your day, and btw..don't underestimate the workout cause I tried it and almost KO-ed by the burpees workout.

Remember, every workout exercise is just 1 minute and you musn't stop for a water break or anything before diving into the next one.

It is crucial to spend this short 5 minutes pushing your physical and mental state to the limit, and keep going.

For faster and better results, push yourself to do this workout set 3 times a week.

If you're feeling great and strong, i would challenge you to double this workout in a day = 10 minutes workout! #doittwice

Jason Ko Daily Habit .. Got it ! Like Brushing Teeth .. LoL !
Fiqa definitely need to burn all the fats before my wedding. hahahah thanks for tips

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