Think Wisely Before Attempting to Rob a MMA Fighter .. or You'll End Up Like This Fella.

Think Wisely Before Attempting to Rob a MMA Fighter .. or You'll End Up Like This Fella.

by Mitchell W.

I'm not taking a hard punch at WWE wrestlers but unlike them, MMA fighters are professionally trained athletes who could probably break your arm in 2 moves... and I especially mean the female fighters too.

Brazilian MMA Pro, Polyana Viana was waiting for her Uber ride outside her home in Rio de Janiero when she was approached by a bloke who asked for the time...but she started getting suspicious when he didn't leave after she told him.

Here's the next thing he said to her:

'Give me the phone. Don't try to react, because I'm armed.'

...but here's where the joke comes in -- he said it while putting his hand over what he meant to make seem look like a gun...only that it was "too soft", according to Polyana.

Now we're not encouraging you ladies out there to take matters into your own hands and risk your safety, well unless you're one badass chick like Polyana Viana, but what she did next definitely scarred the guy badly -- both physically and damaging his ego for life. 

"I threw two punches and a kick. He fell, then I caught him in a rear-naked choke. Then I sat him down in the same place we were before," said Polyana.

I wonder if he's asking himself if the ass-whoopin' he received was worth it over a phone...

When the cops arrived at the scene, we found out that the supposed "gun" was actually just a damn cardboard cut out! H*LY SH*T this man is dumb!

Since the incident, UFC president Dana White said this to the mugger: #Badf*ckngidea 

So please d*mbass people out there, if you're thinking of mugging someone...Don't.

However, if your itchy backside still insist on doing so, just be sure to know who you're muggin'; or you just might end up with a much-deserved facial damage like that fella.

Last note... this guy messed up bad yo...

He could have ended up with a real hot & independant woman if he only asked for her phone number instead of attempting to mug her phone...

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