Najib is Against the Smoking Ban - and Here's Why.

Najib is Against the Smoking Ban - and Here's Why.
Jan 10, 2019
5:08 pm

by Mitchell W.

My article on the implemented ruling of smoking ban at eateries blew up within the first few hours of posting, and till right now, it's still a trending topic.

If you haven't read my written article on the matter, click HERE.

However, in recent news... I'm apparently not the only one disappointed about the smoking ban at eateries -- Najib stepped up to make this statement on the matter:

"I fully support the efforts of the government to reduce the number of smokers in the country, but a smoking ban that is too draconian is unfair to those who still choose to smoke. It is also unfair for food and beverage operators, as well as those in tourism."

Click HERE to see his full post.

This post popped up when Human Resourse Committee Chairperson A. Sivanesan said yesterday that smoking on five-foot ways shouldn't even be permitted.


"If they cannot even smoke on the five-foot way, are you saying they can only smoke in the middle of the road and wait for the bus to ram into them?" Najib wrote. 

According to Najib, if the main concern are children's health, then maybe set time restriction -- like after 9.00PM, when kids should be at home sleeping!

What do you think about Najib's proposed idea? I mean, smoking should definitely still be banned from indoors..but DO PROVIDE MALAYSIANS WITH A PLACE TO ENJOY BOLEH TAK?!

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