Perodua's SUV is Open for Bookings & People are SO EXCITED!

Perodua's SUV is Open for Bookings & People are SO EXCITED!

by Mitchell W.

Buying a car can be so tough cause it involves a lot of money. What's even more challenging is buying the RIGHT CAR for the Best Price and would last you for a good period of time.

So if you had your eye on a particular car or had even dropped an amount of cash to book one, I'd advise you to hold it right there, till you've read this!

Here's an exciting piece of news for you...

Perodua has just announced that it's releasing its very own SUV called the Perodua Aruz...and it is just as good as the all-new Toyota Rush -- but you can save about RM20,000 on purchase cost!

Both cars even look alike!

The all-new Toyota Rush 2019

Perodua's first ever SUV, the Perodua Aruz.

The 7-seater SUV is now available for booking, and before you go spending your hard-earned cash on the car that you "think" you're gonna go buy anyway, I'd strongly suggest that you take a moment and come check this out first. What'cha gotta lose anyway right?

Now sure, we also know many would say "why spend so much on a local car when I can spend just a little more on a better foreign car?", but the question for you to think about is... why would you spend more for a car that looks the same and uses the same engine right? 

Both the Perodua Aruz and Toyota Rush 2019 runs on a 1.5 litre 2NR-VE Dual VVT-i engine (just like the newest Myvi, Toyota Vios, Toyota Avanza) and the Perodua Aruz is pretty savvy when it comes to fuel economy.

Identical to Toyota's claimed FC figure...

Ok, we can talk but I'll also let you check the car out here:

So now ask yourself... do you still wanna pay that extra RM20,000-ish for a foreign car when Perodua is offering the same thing for a muchg lower price?

We're not paid to say this but, it seems to me that the Perodua Aruz doesn't only look to "Elevate Your Life"but your bank balance as well...

If you aren't yet convinced, then why not just go check the car out for yourself and you be the judge on if it is better than a Toyota and worth your money.

Click HERE to find out more, or head over to a Perodua showroom nearest to you!

Vanei Koh COOL!

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