Top Spot Ideas for “No Crowd” Countdown 2019 in KL

Top Spot Ideas for “No Crowd” Countdown 2019 in KL
Dec 31, 2018
8:33 am

by Jason Ko

A countdown without a crowd .. Idealistic or oxymoronic? 

A crowded countdown? Many of us have already “been there, done that”. The whimsical ideal of a happy countdown surrounded by the energy vibes of fellow happy hipsters evaporate very quickly on ground once your personal space is invaded by sweaty elbows.

Not only that, happy reveling is usually replaced by a strong sense that your Wallet or your Girlfriend’s purse (or butt) isn’t quite that safe. Add in the Malaysian tendency to quickly all rush for the parking lot before the last fireworks end; before long all roadway arteries become one large car park.

Yeap, but you would still want to do something to commemorate the year that just closed.
You want to be relevant and not feel that the year closed whimsically. That you (& someone you care about) do matter in the great cosmos.

Checklist for a Great Countdown
Firstly, as with all Great Undertakings – make a List – suggested List as follows:

1. Yourself .. lower your expectations; understand that Happiness or fulfillment is a journey looking back. Not an event where everything went perfectly.
In fact, the imperfections of the Year makes you reflect the deepest.

2. You don’t need a Crowd. Just those who appreciate you through thick & thin.
Ever thought of a countdown with Mum or Grandma?

If you go .. Ewwww .. I want to be with my friends. A Word to the Wise, a countdown with your Grandma may be something you (& she) will treasure for the rest of your life. It may be your last ever countdown with her.

One of my last few conversations with my Mum was about the happy days when she was a Teen. That taught me a lot about how similar she was to me when we were both the same age. And that one day I would grow old too. Holding her hand and having that conversation again would be a luxury that cannot be repeated now.

3. Snacks & Good conversational triggers
Aforementioned snacks are mandatory as they always taste better when shared during events.
Conversational triggers could be board games, UNO or just Photos from your mobile phone Gallery.

A good conversational Trigger is of all things – Pokemon GO!
Before you say ‘Lame’, nearly everyone has a Pokemon Go on their phone. And it’s a simple way to talk about memories that matter. Before you know it, you’ll be counting down & it was a memorable evening with someone close.

Locations as per Imagination Abound (the following are just suggestions .. do Add in more ideas in the Comments Space below)

1. Your own Apartment Roof Top or the Children’s Playground Near your Home

If your apartment allows access to the Roof Top, then you have a perfect place to Chill out with your special other. If it is one of those always locked, you may ask your building supervisor to open it for one day or just skip to the next plan.

Children’s playground are special in themselves. A place of nostalgia. Also great to chat on the swing eating snacks waiting for Fireworks to set off in your neighbourhood.

2. Playing BoardGames + Steamboat (Views optional)

Viable for groups of up to 8~10 pax but usually better if as a couple. This is another option to create that ultimate simple moment to remember.

3. AirBnB / Hotel Room

This requires at minimum 1 week prior planning. Also it helps if you do check on Google Maps / Satellite or Street View to see if there any “Buildings” blocking your view of say KLCC or any landmark that is known to have a Fireworks show.

4. Adventurous .. Boat in the middle of the Lake // Back of an Flat Open Car Boot

This requires a small amount of work but absolutely worth it if executed correctly.
Most Lakes facing lamdmarks may have rowboats but these boats are off-limits especially after 5pm or on a holiday eve.

Get your own Rubber Dinghy! Costing from a low of RM 109.95 on Lazada; it gives you an option of a super memorable countdown.

You, your Girl on a Rubber boat .. with snacks & maybe UNO Cards .. watching the countdown from a Lake like Lake Titiwangsa facing KLCC. (please note that this Idea is not applicable to the Countdown Pool facing KLCC Suria for obvious reasons)

Or, if you have a Hatchback Boot. Perfect. Clear off all the usual Trunk Junk. Place Mats.
Watch the Countdown from your chosen place and if still awake .. wait for the Sunrise together.

Good luck for your Countdown & better Still .. May you Find Happiness with Yourself .. and not in the perfect Environment.

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