Snap Your 2019 Memories with a Much Better Google Pixel 3 XL

Snap Your 2019 Memories with a Much Better Google Pixel 3 XL
Dec 31, 2018
10:00 am

by Mitchell W.

Everyone loves a smartphone with an amazing camera -- I mean really, who doesn't?

...and for 2019, could this be your daily driver that you've been looking for?

The Google 3 & 3XL are now great suggestions that you would not want to leave outta your list of "New Smartphone(s) to Buy" -- being Pure-Android smartphones that pride itself for great camera work.

Check out what the Google Pixel 3 camera can do - with the Google Lens.

 Here's a Quick Honest Review that You'd Like to Know Before Considering a purchase:
Yes, there are design flaws...

  • The latest Google smartphones have front-firing stereo speakers that provides you great audio clarity -- oh and it's also amazingly loud, so you can probavbly remove that edifier from your shopping list. 
    - However, the design flaw is that the phone's feedback may be irritating to many as it vibrates with the beat of your music, so you might not wanna blast the volume to the max.
  • If you're an audiophile who is looking for a great music-player smartphone, you might wanna stop reading here. After all, the Google Pixel smartphone are known for camera work.
  • Bezzles on the Google Pixel 3 is something that you'd like consider a "last season design" - like back to 2014 or 2015. You'd wanna consider the Google Pixel 3XL for a more modern look.
  • There's a huge notch on the Google Pixel 3 and 3XL, which would irritate many cause there are many smartphones who have improved on that design flaw -- but you can remove that notch in the display settings; just you'll see a bigger bezzle up top.
  • Camera-wise, the special Top Shot feature automatically captures your alternate shots in HDR+ -- so if your timing is a lil' off, it'll suggest a much better image for you. SMART!
  • Another camera feature that increases the appeal is Night Sight, so you won't have to use your flash that'll just end up ruining the feel of your photo. Yes, the camera is wayyyyyyy better than the iPhone XS!

Another hype is Google's standing wireless charger called the Pixel Stand -- possibly following Samsung's footsteps?

Wow... there's just so much to talk about the latest Google Pixel smartphone...ok last one for now:

If you happen to get a call from someone and you're too busy or don't wanna pick up, click on the Call Screen button and your phone will answer for you -- asking who is calling and why.

With that being said, here are the Top 5 Announcements on the Google 3 and Google 3XL smartphones:

As for the price:

Google Pixel 3: starting at around RM3,754 (64GB) & RM4,205 (128GB)

Google Pixel 3XL: starting at around RM4,205 (64GB) & RM4,665 (128GB)

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