MYC!'s 2018 Annual Review in 3 Mins

MYC!'s 2018 Annual Review in 3 Mins
Dec 28, 2018
3:33 pm

by Mitchell W.

As we come to the end of 2018, let's just look back and reflect on all that has happened this year alone -- cause we all know 2018 marked a lot of important issues and life-changing events.

So let's get right into it then!


The dreaded topic of Politics is definitely not something for everyone, but then again as Malaysians, we have to be aware of what's happening in the world -- or at least in our own country kan? 

So here are some of the biggest Political events that made an impact to Malaysia:

1. Dr.M is Re-Elected as Prime Minister at 93.

Some may think it's foolish to re-elect a 93-year-old man as prime minister, but then again...the decision did free us from the clasp of our "dear ol'..." Najib Razak. 10 MAY 2018 marks the end of a really frustrating Najib-era and a (sorta) new beginning for Malaysia.

Click HERE & HERE for more.

2. Najib Rejects UMNO de facto Leader Offer

We were all caught off-guard when we heard that Najib rejected an opportunity to get back some sort of "power" -- but at the same time, we can rejoice for Najib saying "No."

Click HERE to read about it.

3. Anti-ICERD Rally

I believe this was an amazing event with a strong message to speak up against racial discrimination and the need for a more harmonious Malaysia. I mean we're all just MALAYSIANS really... so is there a need for that discrimination at all?

Click HERE to know what's up.

4. Suspension of PTPTN Scheme

Yo many people's frustration hit the roof when they heard about the new PTPTN payment scheme, and it must have been noticeable cause the scheme was turned around for the better -- at least for now, but better than nothing.

Click HERE to read about the updates.


We also faced a pretty handful of Tragedies this year that we would have to bring up, unfortunately. Don't you just hate bad news? Well, also remember the lives that we have lost.

Let's go into some of these highlights of Sadness together:

1. Death of Muhd. Adib

His unnecessary death came as a shock to many, and yet we have a stupid Malaysian who mocked his death on Facebook. We're glad to report that she was fired from her job at Honda over that insensitive post. The young fireman was killed during the temple riot that happened in Subang Jaya and it just made us all wonder, why would anyone wanna hurt a fireman whose job was to HELP other???

Click HERE to read about the incident.

2. Kuching Mall Explosion

A supposed gas leak caused an explosion at CityONE Mall in Kuching, that claimed 3 lives and badly injuring many others. The mall is currently still closed for examination and an inspection will be conducted to determine the actual cause of the explosion.

Click HERE to read about it.

3. Tsunami that Hit Indonesia

In one of the saddest event of the year, Indonesia faced a mega national crisis over a volcano eruption that cause a huge disaster at Sunda Strait. The death toll has been overwhelming - reaching to a count of roughly 300 lives.

Click HERE for the updates.

4. Subang Jaya Temple Riot

Yes, this was the sh*tty riot that claimed the life of young fireman Muhd. Adib. Cars were set alight and there was a huge fight -- and all over what?? The right of who runs the templewhile it is still in Subang area -.-

Click HERE to read about the whole commotion.

5. Lion Air Crashed in 13 Minutes from Take-Off

It took off for just a quick 13 minutes before crashing down to the ground. The plane apparently had reports of an issue but still was flown the next day - leading to this incident that took over 180 lives.

Click HERE for the full story.


2018 also is also a great year for many of our National Sensations that we would like to bring to light, and we believe that these Malaysians deserve some spotlight for their contribution to making Malaysia a better country to live in.

Here are our "Heroes" that we'd like to adress:

1. Man Cycles 170 km for Anti-ICERD Rally

At 52, we admire Afidzul Ariffin's National spirit to make it for the Anti-ICERD rally in KL -- by CYCLING 170km from Kampar, Perak yo! CRAAAAAAAAZYYYYYYYY!!!

Click HERE to follow his journey - all 170km of it.

2. Top Sikh Cop Calls it Quits

You'd probably recognise this guy as the man who led the investigation over the 1MDB scandal that confiscated over RM1.1 Billion from Najib. Comm Datuk Seri Amar Singh decided to set down his gun and badge after serving 35 years in the police force.

Click HERE to know what makes him Top Cop of Malaysia.

3. Beer Promoter with a Lot of Spunk

Even with a great SPM result, this humble beer promoter did not let this sh*thead guy get the better of her when he harrassed her at the mall for doing her job. Peeps, if you read this story, you'll remember her for not losing her sh*t and keeping totally cool and composed in her situation. She's definitely got a lot of Spunk!

Click HERE to read about her story.

4. MYC! Launches e-Democracy Platform with Astro Awani!

Biasa la we need to bring this up as this is a very proud moment for us, as we open a platform that allows Malaysians to Voice Out their views and opinions on the happenings in Malaysia and in the World! Have you been practicing your eDemocracy?

Click HERE to start your eDemocracy right NOW!


Who doesn't love Great Movies eh? This year, we're proud that we had some really good ones -- and of course some pretty crappy ones too la... However, did we still go watch it? You betcha'!

Check out what we thought are the Top 3 Best-Made movies of 2018:

1. Avengers: Infinity War

Say what you want about it but I can bet that the majority of you went to the cinema to watch this -- and some watched it more than once hehe.. I can't blame you cause Marvel films just have this attraction to the masses that make people come back for more, and now that Thanos has eradicated a large population of the World...we're all just grippin' our seats for Avengers: Endgame.

Click HERE to watch the trailer of Avengers: Endgame.

2. Bohemian Rhapsody

If you don't know who Freddie Mercury is, WATCH THIS movie!! Personally, it is the greatest movie made this year and this is coming from a serious comicbook/superhero lover. You'll end up like me, blasting Queen's music everywhere you go, once you've watched this movie. 11/10 stars from me yo! 

Click HERE to watch the Parody of the Bohemian Rhapsody song.

3. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Imagine watching a movie with more than one Spider-Man, and in different cooler(?) costumes! According to my friend, our resident #TechGuy Bryan, he thinks this is the best movie of 2018 - so looks like our friendship is put to the test over this agree-to-disagree discussion we're about to have. What do you think?

Click HERE to watch the trailer if you haven't watched the movie yet - like me.


Some aren't much for movies but it's nearly impossible to find someone who ain't into Music. We're gonna just list out the Top 3 songs from the Billboard 2018 charts.

If you disagree with the song selections, feel free to comment below :)

1. Thank U, Next - Ariana Grande

Click HERE to watch the music video.

2. Without Me - Halsey

Click HERE to watch the music video.

3. Sicko Mode - Travis Scott

Click HERE to watch the music video.


If you thought that was too much to read, we've even made a video for you to watch:

...and that's the recap of 2018. Till we meet again in 2019, from us all here at MYC!, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Oh, and my boss will definitely want me to remind you guys to Party Hard + Party Smart and Stay Safe Out There!

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