Former Man Utd Star Trades in Soccer Boots for a Mic?

Former Man Utd Star Trades in Soccer Boots for a Mic?
Dec 28, 2018
10:49 am

by Mitchell W.

My mind was blown today as I was running through YouTube and this caught my attention...

...and I was like "ain't this Memphis Depay???"

As a huge Manchester United fan for over 20 years, you can't imagine how shocked I was to not see Memphis in soccer boots and jersey, but instead being in a sound booth!

We're talking about a Dutch whizzkid who was bought by Manchester United for £31 Million!

So when a whole lot of us saw this, we also noticed that many critics EXPECTED his music career to be a major flop and should go back to just kicking balls instead, BUT..... it's actually pretty darn decent!

Sure his song may not be in English, but watch it and be a judge for yourself.

I'm actually listening to the song for the 3rd time as I'm writing this.

Have a listen:

If you're a fan, you can follow Memphis on his social media account and show him some support!

For Memphis' Instagram account, click HERE.

For Memphis' Facebook account, click HERE.

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