Save 55% with GrabClub Subscription.. but How Does This Work?

Save 55% with GrabClub Subscription.. but How Does This Work?
Dec 20, 2018
9:20 am

Grab being Grab, is definitely taking big leaps into the new year, now with its new subscription programme hich offers additional savings on Grab ride and GrabFood deliveries, the GrabClub.

It's basically a single Grab-It-All Basic Pass at RM50/month that comes with RM110 worth of value la...


Here's what you're entitled for when you sign up:

1. x15 RM4.00 ride rewards (worth RM60.00)

2. x10 FREE Delivery for GrabFood (worth RM50.00) - with a min. spend of RM20.00 in a single order.

The pass automatically renew itself -- meaning deducting RM50.00 every month from your bank, BUT you can cancel at any time. You can access these vouchers under the MyRewards tab in the GrabRewards section. 

The Grab-It-All Basic pass is limited to 35,000 redemptions and it only accepts GrabPay as the mode of payment. According to Grab, the pass is only offered to selected passengers only. 

Here's how to Activate the Subscription Plan:

1. Launch the Grab app & tap on the Profile icon -- top left corner :)

2. Click on "GrabClub" on the menu -- you'll see 'Grab-It-All Pass' on the screen.

It's pretty easy...or it is?

We just wonder, if you guys would willingly wanna fork out that extra RM50.00 outta your wallet monthly -- not that Grab rides aren't already expensive...

Let us know in the comment section below.

Do YOU think GrabClub will work in Malaysia?

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