YouTube, Today's TV.

YouTube, Today's TV.
Dec 19, 2018
4:15 pm

by Ashraf Nisfudin

There was a time not so long ago where TV sets were the main source of entertainment for the home.

Internet has become a hugely integral part of our lives -- offering immediate access and full control to consumption options such as radio, music, television shows, movies, books and so on.

The way we consume digital media today seems different from how it used to be.

With online streaming television services, producers get to focus their content more on building their brand and bringing awareness to who they are and what they do instead of focusing on making sales.

Producing commercials for broadcast has certain restrictions that producing videos for the web avoids.

With the absence of storytelling restrictions, content creators are able to pitch unique and creative concepts - resulting in better content.

These days, video seems to be everywhere, but trends such as smartphones, social media and streaming services have all contributed to changes in how we view content -- which in turn has influenced the video production industry.

Mobile video ads are growing faster than any other form of video advertising and businesses are recognizing the value of targeting mobile users.

According to study, the average young adult spends about 30% a day with strolling through their smartphones for any random content.

Since many social media platforms now (i.e IGTV) offer video services either to stream or to create, a vertical video format designed to specifically view videos from mobile smartphones has been acquired.

People can now simply watch online contents wherever and whenever they go.

Also, why people choose to stream their shows through online media is because they receive the freedom and capability to choose whatever they like to view or consume.

This becomes more exciting without the limit of any channels and television shows.

Social influencers such as "Youtubers" who make their name on social media platforms are an increasingly important driver of consumption and content itself is adapting accordingly.

Influencers have magnetic personalities and built-in distribution, but they also have a deeply personal relationship with their fans, which allows them to create storylines they already know will resonate with their audience.

We’re at a pivotal point in life in which we can take any path in front of us; and because of this, millennials are undoubtedly educated due to the desire to express individuality with freedom of speech and freedom of press and be their best selves, especially in a world full of opinions and ideas.

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