Woman Traumatized After Being Attacked at Her Home

Woman Traumatized After Being Attacked at Her Home
Dec 13, 2018
10:14 am

No one would ever expect to be robbed, especially once you've driven into your house driveway...

but yet, this happened...

WHAT HAPPENED: This poor woman was attacked yesterday by two men on a motorcycle, just as she was about to shut the gate of her house in Cheras.

WHERE: Taman Megah Cheras

Two armed men rushed into the house compound at 2.45AM and made an attempt to snatch her phone and money; and not that robbery isn't bad enough, these two felons decided to attack the unarmed innocent lady ON HER HEAD!

Here are the images of the incident:

She suffered injuries to her head caused by the blows from the weapons and was sent to the hospital by her family for treatment.

Currently she is in a stable condition and Kajang district police chief Assistant Commissioner Ahmad Dzaffir Mohd Yusoff said that the police are working hard on catching these a-holes.

MYC! Note: You can never know the intentions of people in the world but for the sake of learning from other people's bad experiences, please DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR CAR till your gate is fully closed - and try not to go home too late at night.

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