Anti-ICERD Rally on Dec 8th .. Have we all Grown Up?

Anti-ICERD Rally on Dec 8th .. Have we all Grown Up?
Dec 10, 2018
3:49 pm

by MYC! CEO Jason Ko

With much fear and concerns spread via WhatsApp (...where else?), the much talked-about Anti-Icerd Rally came and went.

Just like that.

It was peaceful.

An excuse for drinks vendors if anything; and Over when the rain decided it should be over. (...Malaysian Protestors are rain sensitive)

Are the issues still real?

In the minds of those who have little (economic power...), it is indeed a genuine concern.

Was the protest really related to ICERD or more like a "Rojak Potpourri" of ongoing fears by Malays that their rights were threatened? This time by the United Nations.

Our editorial stand is that different groups have Valid Fears.

Saturday showed that Malaysians are more matured than most give credit to.

"Underlying problem end of day still Economics. People need to 'cari makan' and have Hope in the Future." - Jason Ko, MYC! CEO.

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