EXTREME HACK to Avoid Wet 'Pit Stains on Your Shirt

EXTREME HACK to Avoid Wet 'Pit Stains on Your Shirt

by Mitchell W.

I've constantly been having this problem as a kid, and now as a working-class guy, I realize how this yucky thing can not only damage your public appeal but your shirt as well.

This tyrant we seem to be unable to avoid, armpit stains, doesn't only KILL your appeal with the ladies... 

...but in the long term, leaves a disgusting ol' crusty stain on your shirt -- especially if it's a white shirt, creating that yucky yellowish "booger" look...

So I'm gonna share this ONE (1) EXTREME TIP that would save your "s*x appeal" and keep you looking dashing!


I'm serious... don't you think that if a sanitary pad could soak up a girl's "bleeding cycle", that it could soak up your armpit sweats too??

We can't find underarm pads so technically a sanitary pad it way easier la...

These ultra thin sanitary napkins could easily be cut in half and either plastered on your 'pits or on the shirt (with the pad facing your 'pits ya...) -- and trust me, you can sweat all you want, but your armpits will stay totally dry!

I did say EXTREME didn't I? 

I've learnt that using those supposed "DRY IMPACT" deodorants (which ain't cheap btw...) don't help much at all, so why keep spending so much $$$ kan??

TIP FOR MEN: For those of you who are still using deodorants, GO EASY with the application yo! Before wearing your tee/shirt, give it time to dry - I'd say 3-5 mins, and avoid staying under the sun for too long... 

OH! Stress and Anxiety causes your pores to open up too, so STAY CALM & COMPOSED bro!

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