How to Survive Your Long Wait

How to Survive Your Long Wait
Nov 22, 2018
10:28 am

We've all experienced the pains and boredom of that unwanted wait - be it the horrendous traffic jam or the queue that seems to go on for ages...

Most of us would result to either smoking or vaping to pass the time but why do that when we have a much better alternative?

That's right!

We have 120 movie tickets to be given away weekly and the grand prize of a 1-Year Supply of Snickers Oats choco bar to be given away to 5 lucky winners!

Here's how you can get started on surviving your long-waits:

Step 1:

Upload any Picture or Caption on How You Survived Your Long Waits.

Step 2:

Share your post on your Instagram & Facebook page. **make sure your account is made public**

Step 3:

Hashtag: #SurviveTheLongWait #SnickersOats

Contest details and T&C can be found on and on Snickers Malaysia's Facebook page.

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