11th Malaysia Plan is Going Make Us All Prosperous!

11th Malaysia Plan is Going Make Us All Prosperous!
Oct 19, 2018
2:10 pm

So here's the plan with the 11th Malaysia Plan...

According to our Prime Minister Dr. M, the 11th Malaysia Plan is meant to allow everyone to be able to spend money - not just the rich, but literally everyone!

Question is, how does the government plan on making it possible?

Here are some of the plans that the Pakatan goverment is working hard to push through by the end of the 11th Malaysia Plan:

1. Two-Term

Dr.M announced that there will be a two-term limit for PM, mentri besar and chief minister - a measure to enhance integrity. He also added that the PM is not to hold any other post... (oh finally...)

2. Affordable Homes

200,000 affordable homes are to be built, for the well-being of the rakyat. More efforts will be put into ensuring that houses are more affordable and 'berkualiti', in hopes to increase house ownership. Apart from that, we also hear that income could be raised, as well as purchasing power for B40 group.

FACT: B40 refers to the bottom 40% of households with monthly income of RM3,900 and below.

3. Reduce Urban-Rural Development Gap

To narrow the urban-rural development gap, roughly 1,500km of rural roads will be built/upgraded, along with another 1,300 communication towers.

4. More Training Programmes in East Malaysia

East Malaysia hasn't been forgotten. Talks are that there'll be more training + education + entrepreneurship programmes being hosted in Sabah and Sarawak for the natives and orang asli.

5. Quality Increase in Vocational Courses

In order to reduce the increasing numbers of unemployed youths in Malaysia, the plan is also to enhance technical, vocational education and training programmes. These are especially for youths who didn't do so well in school or couldn't afford to further their studies - so this will help with finding employment in the future.

6. Gradual Increment for Foreign Workers

Things look promising for foreign workers as there may be a potential gradual-increase in salary based on their numbers being evaluated. Hopefully with an increase in levy, there would be less potential crimes happening...

(Foreign worker levy in 2016)

7. Improving Environmental Sustainability

Right now, conservation efforts are beefed up by gazetting more coastal and marine areas, both land and water. So litering is still a HUGE NO-NO... Please say NO to plastic straws when you go to McD!

For more news on the plan in development, stay tuned as we'll share more when news get out.

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