How getting out of your comfort zone builds your Character.

How getting out of your comfort zone builds your Character.

by Ashraf Nisfudin

New experiences can change everything about what you believe, what you like to do, how you behave, and how you live. The possibilities are truly endless. People living in their bubble are the ones who chose to not grow.

(Nobody wants to be a couch potato...right?)

Being too comfortable can be dangerous for our life progression and there are a number of people who aren’t even aware of their everyday habits. Choosing to not grow is like going against nature, we as a human species we are designed to grow everyday in all aspects. These are a few things you should know on how getting out of your comfort zone builds your character as a person.

Breaking down your ego, tearing down your ego in order to make oneself realize something of what they are actually doing in reality. Because our ego may play a role as a lens filter showing that according to our own views everything we do is correct even if it is not.

Failure, throughout our journey of growth we are put to the test with multiple challenges. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose and it is completely normal. It keeps it balance. If we win all the time we would not know what the meaning of loosing is and vice versa. As every downfall we make, we learn from the mistakes and make a better attempt on the next try.

Being fearless, getting out of your comfort zone also means going to places you may not go or doing the things you may not usually do all because of fear. Pushing this boundary will build your confidence level and self esteem. You will be more brave when it comes to more obstacles and challenges if you overcome the first few scary steps.

Each milestone makes it easier to tackle the next one. Success breeds more success thanks to the confidence, experience, learning, and determination it inspires. You will be more resilient and prepared of whatever comes your way and your life will begin to change by opening doors you never knew were there.

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