Top 5 Underrated Spots for Food in Kuching

Top 5 Underrated Spots for Food in Kuching
Sep 29, 2018
11:15 am

by Ashraf Nisfudin

Kuching is located at the island of Borneo with tropical jungles surrounding its fortress. A place full of ethnic culture and home to some of Malaysia’s exciting cuisine delicacies. The people of Sarawak have different taste buds compared to people in the peninsular. As how everyone have different taste, they have a specific one but definitely not limited.

Here are the top 5 must-go places to eat when visiting Kuching.

1. Mee Kolok Hj Salleh

Kolo Mee could very well be the most common food in Kuching. Most Kolo Mee in Kuching are served with minced pork and char siew as the main topping, thus rendering them non-halal. However, there are some halal eateries that managed to come up with their own version called Mee Sapi. With beef used as a substitute for pork. Sepinang Sari Cafe & Restaurant (Mee Kolok Hj Salleh) operates in a specific time from 8am till 12pm only. Because it is such a famous place, it would most likely close early sometimes depending on stocks of noodles they have for the day.

Where? – Kampung Bandarshah 93400 Kuching, Sarawak

When? – From 5.30am - 1pm everyday

$ - RM5 - RM9


2. Swee Kang Ais Kacang

Serving a wide range of colorful icy treats, Swee Kang Ais Kacang is a haven for ABC (mixed ice) lovers out there. People who enjoy desserts and small meals will definitely enjoy the variety of choices they have to offer in their menu. You would be surprise of what they would present to you created by their own recipe. Give it a try!

Where? – Jalan Kulas, Haji Taha Interchange, Kampung Bardarshah 93400 Kuching, Sarawak 

When? – From 12pm – 6.30pm everyday

$ - RM2 – RM10


3. RJ Ayam Penyet

Many of Malaysians enjoy an Ayam Penyet dish. There are plenty of restaurants you could find that offers this meal however commonly enough people would most likely compare dishes with other identical ones. The Sambal would usually be the main thing they look at in terms of taste and the spice level. RJ Ayam Penyet has a great decent standard on their take. The sambal has a fruity taste to it yet it also has that spicy kick to your tongue. Definitely a dish to try for an Ayam Penyet fan.

Where? – 2, Jalan Nagor, 93400 Kuching, Sarawak.

When? – From 6.30pm – 2am everyday

$ - RM2 – RM40


4. RG Ais Krim Gula Apong

One thing you should know about people in Kuching, is that many of them have sweet tooth’s. Desserts and especially ice cream are one of their many favorites and apparently has been a trend recently. Located around the waterfront city area, RG Ais Krim is one of the well known ice cream shop amongst locals. It is packed with people lining up most of the time and it only opens in the evening. There are different flavors of ice cream available on different days but mainly there are 3 options which are peanuts, cornflakes and Famous Amos cookies. Besides the famous gula apong ice cream, they also sell cookies and light snacks.

Where? – Wet Market & Hawker Center, No.11 Tower 93000, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak.

When? – From 1pm – 5am everyday

$ - RM2 – RM5


5. Mom’s Laksa

What’s Sarawak without Laksa right? The broth of the Laksa which is the most important component of the dish, has a thick and packed shrimp paste that is full of flavor. It has a spiciness that is just right that brings out the savory flavors of the dish, but not overpowering. It is seasoned well and it's richness can just be seen by pouring it out from the spoon. Mom’s Laksa is definitely a place you should drop by when visiting Kuching. It leaves you wanting more after each sip and bite.

Where? – Ground floor, SL-2 Jalan Astana, Petra Jaya 93050 Kuching, Sarawak

When? – From 5am – 4.30pm everyday

$ - RM2 – RM30


So those are the Top 5 places you HAVE TO TRY when visiting Kuching. You can thank us later!

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