BF Chef! Sexy, Macho.. & “Tastes Good” too!

BF Chef! Sexy, Macho.. & “Tastes Good” too!
Sep 28, 2018
4:43 pm

by Marissa Duclos

The perks of having a boyfriend who loves cooking is beyond count, and you will never get hungry again!

Coming from a skinny girl like me with high metabolism... & doesn’t know how to cook, he will do the best he can to fatten you up!

No joke!

He will always ask you stuff like “,Sayang are you hungry?” “Do you wanna eat something?” “Come! I cook something for you” and the menu is ENDLESS!

Watching your bf cook is one of the most satisfying thing you will see all day... it's also SUPER HOT guys - hotter than celebrities on tv and definitely hotter than the cili padi he’s cutting... cause he's doing it for YOU!


Your friends will get super "jelly" whenever you bring a packed lunch that your man has made for you. Without a doubt, they'll FLIP OUT! You'll be envied for being SOOOOOOO blessed.



It's also an added bonus that your man will teach you how to know your way around the kitchen... or maybe somewhere else… *wink wink*

#Realfootage #thatsmybf

Grocery shopping becomes fun too! While your man picks out ingredients from his check list, you go out of your way to make stupid puns just to annoy the hell out of him! (I do it regardless cause he loves me...)

Oh it’s fun to watch your boyfriend window shop and then freak out in the kitchen department when he sees all the sharp knives and the baking mixer thingy-a-majiggy that we can’t afford to buy. HAHA

Above all else, no matter what he does, you’ll love your man and he loves you too. So don’t take each other for granted.

I'm gonna show off some of the foods that I receive from my babe...


Writer's Note: Thank you Ridh sayang! Tonight cook more for me!

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