FAST FORWARD: Difference Between Dating & Marriage!

FAST FORWARD: Difference Between Dating & Marriage!
Sep 28, 2018
4:00 pm

by Marissa Duclos

Today in 2018...


1. You'll always want to impress each other and do magical things during special occasions. You may get comfortable, but you will always try to be perfect for your partner!

2. You cuddle all the time! What is more to love than being in your partner’s arms at night while he holds you tight?

3. Some girls would go on a diet! (but here's a secret...guys love girls with a big appetite.)

4. You’d go out on dates at the movies, picnics at the park, or a romantic candle lit dinner at a restaurant.



Here's when you get a little "too extra comfortable" and you start letting everything loose!

1. You’re not ashamed to fart around your partner!

2. You steal the blanket and bed space when you’re both asleep!

3. You’re not afraid to eat ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!

4. You’d still go on dates but probably be budgeting, so you end up staying home, ordering pizza and binge watching Netflix! But hey, that’s still a date!

How do you, dating and married couples, spend your life together? Is it similar to what’s above? Either way, talking about your future goals together as a couple and living in the present are the best things to do together!

‘Till Death Do Us Part’ because true love based on adventure is rare!

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