R U...a Tea or Coffee Person?

R U...a Tea or Coffee Person?
Sep 28, 2018
1:18 pm

by Marissa Duclos

Controlling Emotions

Tea Person: You're more calm, collected and would rather take your own sweet time to do things at your own pace! You’d makes decisions by thinking things through rather than jumping the gun!

Coffee Person: Unlike a tea person, you're bold and daring. You are high strung and you have a hard time relaxing because you’re usually quite feisty and always ready to bite! *gnash gnash*

Comfort Zones

Tea Person: You're into all things warm and cozy, and your ideal setting is curling up next to a window on a rainy day in bed - chilling with your favourite Netflix series, your favourite book, air conditioner switched on and a lited Yankee candle on top of your bedside table.


Just having the scent of your hot flavour tea just gives you all the bliss that you have! You NEVER leave your room! What’s more to love?

The Coffee Person: You're into all those cafe-hoppings because who doesn’t love hipster cafes? You just love the thrill of watching people walk by the roadside, busy streets with cars honking at each other and the sound of spoons clinking to cups are music to your ears!


Tea Person: You’re into art, journaling and blogging on the side as a freelance job - just cause you set your own deadlines and you work at your own pace. 

No one is rushing you!

Coffee Person: You’re always on the fastlane at work and secretly wanting to stab any co-worker who slows you down and mess with your momentum! You believe strongly that ‘time is money’ and you definitely never miss your deadlines!

You love the caffeine-kick in the early mornings because it charges you for the long day ahead. Just one (...or two) cuppa Joe(s) and you're ready to take on the world!

As for me, I’m more of a tea person. I love the variety of flavours that I can choose from and the gentle aroma filling the air. Being more quiet and introverted, I only hang out in a group of very close friends whom I can click with.

These are some of my favourite flavoured teas!



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