Brace Yourselves for Columbia Pictures Themed Amusement Park in Thailand!

Brace Yourselves for Columbia Pictures Themed Amusement Park in Thailand!
Apr 7, 2021
2:14 pm

Whether you are a theme park lover or just deprived of theme parks in general (I know, the the pandemic stole your thunder), this exciting news would surely give you something to look forward to once travelling internationally is allowed again.


On Tuesday, 6 April, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Thailand’s Amazon Falls announced that they are in collaboration set up an amusement park in Thailand based on productions from their Columbia Pictures studio.

Image via Yahoo! News Malaysia

Image via Asia One


Called the “Aquaverse”, the Columbia Pictures theme and water park will span a total of 14 acres and will be open to the public from October this year. The theme park will feature rides from famous movies such as Jumanji, Men in Black, Bad Boys, and Hotel Transylvania.

Poster of Jumanji’s Welcome To The Jungle, 2017 (Image via FilmAffinity)

Poster of Men in Black International, 2019 (Image via Forbes)

Poster of Hotel Transylvania, 2012 (Image via Rotten Tomatoes)


With the rapid vaccination roll outs, amusement parks are slowly reopening around the world. Other than the future Columbia Pictures Aquaverse themed park, Malaysia’s very own Genting SkyWorlds themed park in Resort World Genting is set to open in the second quarter of 2021.  Some of the rides will feature 20th Century Fox intellectual properties.


Once borders are open, ya'll know where I'm heading!. I can't swim but I'd like to experience this very interesting themed water park by Columbia Pictures!


Credits to Asia One for the initial coverage.

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