Did You Know? Malaysia Grows The Worlds Most Expensive Melons

Did You Know? Malaysia Grows The Worlds Most Expensive Melons

Premium fruits are not a new thing, especially in Japan. To the average non-Japanese person, you probably can’t relate to the novelty of buying fruits at outrageous prices. Gift giving premium fruits have been a long standing tradition in the Japanese culture. So yes, they are absolutely more than willing to buy that bunch of grapes for RM500.

Image via Isetan The Japan Store KL

(I could buy a phone with RM500!)

List of phones you can buy with RM500 (Image via Mesra Mobile)


Introducing Mono Premium Melon, a wholly Malaysian owned premium fruit business that focuses on locally grown muskmelons. The seeds used are the most expensive melon seeds in the world which is the Arus muskmelons. They are sourced from Japan.

The co-founders are experienced and have great credentials in what they do. Seh Cheng Sia, 40, is a hydroponic and fertilizer expert, followed by Mohd Sofian bin Ali, 47, agriculture engineering), Yeo Chen Swee, 51, in charge of agrochemical and pest & disease management, and Michael Lo, 42 handles the sales and marketing.

Their first melon farm is located in Putrajaya and houses close to 10,000 melons according to Seh. “We would like to showcase that many Malaysian growers can produce equivalent if not better-quality fruits compared to imported fruits,” he added.

Image via Soya Cincau


Farming these expensive babies does come with it’s challenges. The main issue they faced was selecting melons that will suit Malaysia’s hot and humid weather. The team has tried and tested more than 100 varieties of melons. Those selected were because of their suitability to grow in tropical weather, resistance to disease, eating quality and shelf life.

The company is also currently understaffed but they are committed to hiring only local farmers who share the same belief in farming, adding that it is their responsibility to provide more job opportunities to local growers.

Mono Premium Melon currently has 41-year-old veteran Abang Hassan who has been farming since 2004 and a fresh newbie, 19-year-old Jijoy.

Image via Soya Cincau


Despite the previous challenge mentioned, growing these muskmelons in Malaysia actually has an added advantage than a country like Japan for example. Temperate countries only have two to three cycles of melon growing seasons each year but because of our all year round summer-like weather, we can enjoy up to five seasons of melons every year!

So far we’ve heard good things about growing these expensive muskmelons in our home country. But the real question here, is there a market for this to be penetrated in Malaysia?

Seh says, “It’s Malaysian-grown for Malaysians. We believe there is a huge vacuum for premium locally grown fruits, so we would like to focus on the Malaysian market. We are also looking at neighbouring countries such as Singapore; we are currently discussing with a few counterparts there on exporting our premium melons.”

To ensure that the melons are premium, the farmers will only keep one fruit per plant to concentrate the nutrients absorbed.  The melons are also monitored by a IoT controller which is responsible in maintaining pH, humidity, water and air temperature. Seh says, “We have a limited quantity of 200 premium Japanese melons grown with full care. ‘We dare to reject’ which means we only select the most well grown melons and reject the balance.”

Image via Malay Mail


If that isn’t premium enough, the melons are frequently pampered with classical music and gentle massages. (what?).  Yup, you read that right. Music is said to stimulate their growth while the massage is supposed to enhance the fruit’s sweetness. To those who are reading this for the first time, these are actually the standard operating procedure at similar farms in Japan!.

The melons are carefully polished and massaged with a specific 3M Nexcare facial cleansing cloth. (Image via Soya Cincau)


So by now I’m sure some of you will be thinking,  “Okay, I’m willing to spend a fortune on these babies! Where can I get them?”

You can place a pre-order at Mono Premium Melon’s Facebook Page! They started opening orders today (1/4/21) at 10am.

Image via Mono Premium Melon (Facebook)

Image via Mono Premium Melon (Facebook)


However, be prepared to be on the waiting list as they are experiencing a high volume of orders at the moment.!


I actually want to get one for myself now…help!


Credits to Soya Cincau for the initial coverage.

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