Milk Tea Unites Asian Countries Against Government Corruption

Milk Tea Unites Asian Countries Against Government Corruption

Out of the many continents we have in the world, Asia happens to be the biggest continent. So when we think of Asian countries joining forces, it sounds extremely powerful, don’t you think?.

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If #MilkTeaAlliance sounds familiar to you, then you are aware of this rising organization. The Milk Tea Alliance is an online democratic solidarity movement made up of citizens from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Myanmar, and other parts of Asia.

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What is the Milk Tea Alliance?

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The Milk Tea Alliance was formed to seek justice for Asian countries against corrupt governments’ misuse of power and authority.

Notable events that brought to the formation of the “alliance” were the series of protests that shook Hong Kong, Thailand, India, and currently Myanmar.

Why Milk Tea?

Many different Asian countries in the world have their own version of milk tea. The existence of these different milk teas became a unifying factor among the countries.

The milk tea trend started out as a meme before becoming a unity symbol.

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The Tweet That Brought Milk Tea Alliance Into Full Force

Back in April 2020, Thai actor Vachirawit Chivaree was under fire after liking a picture with Hong Kong listed as a country. The reactions were extreme. Many Chinese Nationalists were furious and went on to harass the actor with some even calling for the boycott of his show.

Even after he apologized and removed the post, the cyber bullying did not stop and made it’s way onto his girlfriend,  Weeraya "New" Sukaram. The angry Chinese Nationalists dug up an old post of hers dating back to 2017 when New described Taiwan as an independent nation.

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Thai citizens were not happy with the uproar so they took to social media to launch a Twitter war with the hashtag #nnevvy . It became so serious that the Chinese embassy in Thailand had to issue a statement condemning the online fight.

In Conclusion,

The Milk Tea Alliance is a platform for Asian countries to stand together and voice out their complains against corrupt politics and governments.

Milk Tea is the unifying symbol since many countries in Asia consume the drink.

What started off with countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Thailand is now evolving to represent an even larger meaning. No matter the background, language, religion, and ethnicity, Milk Tea Alliance will not only be a safe haven but to also spread it’s influence around the world.

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If Milk Tea Alliance continues to evolve through the right path, who knows what huge positive changes the movement would bring to the world. Until then, let’s continue to fight against corruption and inequality!


Credits to Mashable SE Asia for the initial coverage.

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