Solution to Stop Chickens From Pooping in Your House? Put Them in Diapers

Solution to Stop Chickens From Pooping in Your House? Put Them in Diapers
Feb 22, 2021
10:23 am

Chickens are delici- I mean cute. They are also usually reared outside. So this may come off just a little odd to know that a man in China is keeping his chickens inside his house. Just imagine their tiny feet running around!


While you are busy thinking how cute they are, I’m here to burst your bubble because the man complained how his chickens kept pooping everywhere in his house (ew, imagine the mess he had to clean up).


Luckily, the man came up with a creative solution to his problem. Putting the birds into diapers (hahahha how cute).

(The man's chickens in diapers) Image via Rojak Daily


Why did the man keep his chickens in his house?

It all started not too long ago when the man’s friend gifted him 6 chickens for Chinese New Year. Due to the man’s inexperience handling chickens, he allowed the chickens to roam freely around his house which resulted in a poopy disaster (including his furniture R.I.P).

He then took the animals and put diapers on them. The images of the chickens have now gone viral.

The chickens look so cute honestly. We hope that the chickens are able to walk about comfortably in those diapers!


Credits to Rojak Daily  for the initial coverage.

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