This Man Made $16,000 for Literally Just Sleeping

This Man Made $16,000 for Literally Just Sleeping
Feb 18, 2021
2:17 pm

Passive income is not unheard of. I’m sure a lot of us college students have been approached by questionable and dodgy ‘companies’ offering and presenting us with a golden opportunity which somehow is almost always a scam.


The idea of a passive income seems a bit too far fetched and idealistic without some sort of sacrifice. However, a recent streamer deemed this to be possible when he made a whopping $16,000 dollars in seven hours just by sleeping.


Known as Asian Andy on Twitch, he went on a live stream and started sleeping like a baby but it wasn’t long before his torture started as viewers were allowed to disturb his sleep while ‘donating’ money (well I guess there’s still a sacrifice to be made after all). Andy allowed his viewers to play extremely loud music while also giving him commands whenever they ‘donate’. Whenever a viewer donates money, they are able to send Andy a message that will be read via text-to-speech recognition.

Image via Asian Andy (Youtube)


Some viewers enjoy watching the poor man struggle to sleep and even tried to scare him by claiming there was someone behind him or by his window (horror movies got nothing on this). Adding to the chaos, Andy made sure to set the loudest volume for his speakers and there was even a moment when his webcam was shaking due to all the noise (I don’t think even a heavy sleeper would be able to sleep in that condition).

Image via Asian Andy (Youtube)


Another funny and weird occurrence that happened during the live stream was that whenever viewers added “Ascend” in their message, Andy will proceed to actually rip his shirt off. This happened quite a number of times (RIP to all of those t-shirts).


A very sleep deprived Andy thanked all of his viewers when his stream ended and collected $16,000 dollars in total. He even shared how he used to drive for Uber and only made $16 dollars an hour. He might think of switching careers to streaming (I is very obvious Asian Andy is good enough to switch careers any moment).

Check out his social media:

Twitter (46,000 followers)

Instagram (44,00 followers)

Youtube (1 million subscribers)

Watch the stream here:


Asian Andy really did took the term passive income to a whole new level. I love how he is so fun and entertaining, allowing his viewers to freely give him commands as well as even setting his speakers to the maximum volume. He also has such supporting and generous viewers! I mean $16,000 dollars is a lot of money just for a random disturb-me-while-I-sleep live stream. Lastly, nothing in this world comes free and for Asian Andy’s case, he sacrificed his sleep to please his viewers but honestly, it was so worth it.


Credits to Mashable SE Asia  for the initial coverage.

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