GOT7’S Jackson and Youngjae Joins Sublime Artist Agency After Leaving JYPE

GOT7’S Jackson and Youngjae Joins Sublime Artist Agency After Leaving JYPE
Jan 22, 2021
2:42 pm

Before we get into the details, GOT7 happens to be one of the only K-pop groups that not only gained even more popularity after leaving JYPE but also was celebrated and congratulated by their fans (ahgases). This is due to the many years of unfair treatment by their former agency. (As an ahgase I am so glad that nightmare is over).

It was recently reported that Jackson and Youngjae will be joining Sublime Artist Agency. Sublime has officially welcomed Youngjae (21 January 2021) and Jackson (today, 22 January 2021 around 11am+ MYT) on their Instagram posts.


The renewal date of GOT7 with former long term agency JYPE was earlier this month which also marked their 7th year anniversary as a group. None of the members renewed their contracts with JYPE (as they should).

Youngjae plans to be based mainly in South Korea, keeping his focus towards his home country’s market. He is now under Sublime’s exclusive artist representation. As for Jackson, his company Team Wang has formed a successful partnership with Sublime and the agency even cited Team Wang as one of their major business partners.


Hailing all the way from Hong Kong, Jackson Wang created Team Wang back in 2017 which focuses on his solo work outside of South Korea, mainly internationally and in China. Team Wang is expected to expand even more as Jackson shifts towards a new phase of his music career.


Youngjae (Choi Youngjae) and Jackson are expected to expand their careers in a variety of fields such as songwriting, fashion, and television just to name a few.

Youngjae and Jackson are the first two members of GOT7 to be officially signed with a new agency while the other members are still discussing their plans with interested companies.

Image via Sporcle

asiaone did not report on Jackson’s update yet at the time of writing



Credits to asiaone for the initial coverage.

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