Young Malaysian Loses Job Before Even Starting Due to MCO

Young Malaysian Loses Job Before Even Starting Due to MCO

There is no doubt that many Malaysians are fighting and pushing through the economic turmoil that has been happening due to COVID-19. Right before the second MCO, many started to worry as flashbacks of businesses shutting down and people being retrenched reminded the public on how hard times can be (It’s so scary tbh).

One such person was deeply affected by the current economic situation as he was laid off from his new job that he has not even started. Twitter user @thecakelapiz shared his difficult experience online.

Image via Twitter/thecakelapiz


He was supposed to be working as a hotel receptionist in Manjung, Perak.

According to an interview with World of Buzz, Rais shared his understanding towards the company’s decision. He is aware that most companies would have to do what it takes to survive but it has been hard for him to find a new job as most companies require their employees to work from home. He also shared that MCO has also been affecting his studies a lot.


When asked if Malaysia really needs an MCO, he explained that he wasn’t too sure but based on the number of cases he believes it is the right thing to do.

He openly criticized politicians, saying that they are selfish and don’t offer any proper solutions to these issues.


Rais added that the government should be giving people some form of incentives especially since the MCO announcement was announced so abruptly. Many Malaysians commented on his post and shared similar experiences that they’ve went through in losing their jobs.

If you know a friend or anyone that is going though a rough patch due to MCO/the current economic situation, do reach out to them and give them support. If you are not able to support them financially just be there for them. Let’s take care of each other as Malaysians. #kitajagakita




Credits to World of Buzz for the initial coverage.

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