“Dato’” Beats Up Young Man In A Hotpot Restaurant

“Dato’” Beats Up Young Man In A Hotpot Restaurant
Jan 15, 2021
11:15 am

Social media is a dangerous place now as everyone has their smartphones equipped and with the click of a button, your image can be ruined.

Over the last few days, a 51-second long video, had been circulating on social media which shows a “Dato’” assaulting a couple in a steamboat restaurant in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

The man can be seen hitting the young man as people around him attempt to hold him back. Although restrained, he continued pointing fingers at the man.

To add on, the man also slapped a woman (claimed to be the victim’s girlfriend) who was watching by the sidelines as he was getting dragged out. Upon seeing that, the young man confronts the “Dato’” but was then approached by a man with long hair who swung a right hook at him.

Okay, the gif is a little extra but you get what I mean.


As the fight happened, the restaurant employees could only watch from the sidelines while some male customers tried to stop the fight and film the process. (Of course, there’s that one person who just films everything).

Image via Shinseki Mo (Facebook)


The incident of happened when the couple politely asked the “Dato’” and his frineds to lower down their voice in the restaurant.

As the “Dato’” and friends said to have treated the waiters rudely as well that night as they were drunk.

"Something unpleasant happened when my friend was about to finish eating," read the post written by a netizen who was not at the scene. They shared the incident on their friend's behalf.

"A young couple kindly asked the group to speak softly so that it would not affect other customers."

"One of them was a Datuk (the shortest person) and he was upset by it. He went out to make a phone call. As a result, two people in black clothes came. One of them was tall and had long hair."

"They came in and asked the waiters who told their friend not to speak loudly earlier. In the end, don't know what happened, but the long-haired man knew it was the young couple who made the complaint."

"My friend said the hardest thing to swallow in the incident was that when the guy — who called himself 'Datuk' — was about to go out, he saw the boy's girlfriend, he went forward and slapped her viciously. I was also angry when I saw the video."

Image via We are Malaysians (Facebook)


The couple had since lodged a police report against the man

According to a report by China Press, the restaurant is said to be located in Tropicana Avenue.

Chief Nik Ezanne Mohd Faisal Nordin of the Petaling Jaya district police had received the report and that the case is being investigated under Article 323 and Article 506 of the  Penal Code for voluntarily causing hurt and criminal intimidation.

The suspect could face between one and seven years of imprisonment for each offence respectively.

Image via We are Malaysians (Facebook)


No hate to those with the Dato' title but I'm just going to leave this meme here. This only applies to this man.


Watch the video here:




Was the young man wrong of telling the “Dato’” to tone it down in the restaurant? Let us know.




Credit to Says for the initial coverage.

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