MCMC Twitter Account “Hacked”. Do You Really Think So?

MCMC Twitter Account “Hacked”. Do You Really Think So?
Jan 13, 2021
1:26 pm

Recently on social media, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) Twitter has become a hot topic for Malaysians due to their “foul tweets” dating back from 2014.

MCMC has issued a statement saying that their account was hacked by irresponsible parties and had temporarily suspended the account.

They had advised the public to not be influenced by the tweets that had been posted on the account by issuing such messages.


Since MCMC was trending, netizens couldn’t help but to dig up the old tweets of the account. The tweets appear to be random rants by an individual which contain offensive language.

Image via SoyaCincau


For those who don’t use twitter often (it’s arguably one of my favorite social media platforms), you can’t change tweets from the past, but you can schedule for future tweets.


As the account was used by MCMC for official matters in 2015 onwards, it has appeared that (Thanks to SoyaCincau) the accounts original owner was @ Nazrulllhakim and is currently using @NazruiHakim as his current twitter handle.


He had later claimed to have sold his old Twitter account with 50,000 followers when he was in Form 3/4. Additionally, another individual was in control of the account before it became the official MCMC account.


MCMC also reminds users that if one were to misinform users and insult content which touches on royalty, religion and race falls is an offence under Section 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act (CMA) 1998. It will carry a penalty up to RM50,000 and 2 years in prison or both.

Ironically, MCMC is breaking their own law as pointed out by this twitter user. Although, I don’t condone on him using the term “rempit’s account” as it’s racist. Maybe both of them should be at fault.


To end it off, even Syed Saddiq became a victim of the internet “meme” thanks to an edit by a Twitter user. His response is priceless!


I guess some things never change huh? Anyways, let’s see how MCMC solves this issue and if more comes up, we’ll be sure to update!




Credits to SoyaCincau for the initial coverage.

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