Twitch Deletes Most Iconic Emote Of The Gaming World

Twitch Deletes Most Iconic Emote Of The Gaming World
Jan 8, 2021
3:06 pm

Gamers worldwide are currently mourning as the most iconic emote of the Streaming and Gaming history was deleted by Twitch.


The PogChamp emote was depicted for “encouraging further violence” after the riot at the US Capitol via twitter.


This decision was due to Ryan “gootecks” Gutierrez who is a professional Street Fighter Esports player had published a tweet questioning if more “civil unrest” would take place due to the death of a woman who was shot during the Capitol riot. Read here to know what happened.

At 9p.m. ET Wednesday night, the San Francisco-based company took action to ban the emote and released this statement on their official Twitter page.


The emote is one of the oldest and widely used emotes in the gaming community. For those noobs... (I mean people new to gaming), it is used to show excitement in almost every situation from cracking a funny joke or to an epic gameplay moment you had.

Example of a PogChamp Moment:


I guess it’s time to press F to pay respects in the comments as the gaming world loses one of the most iconic emote. What do you think of the ban, was it really necessary, let us know!




Credits to The Verge for the initial coverage.

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