Getting That Perfect Shot: 5 Ways to Look Better in Photos

Getting That Perfect Shot: 5 Ways to Look Better in Photos

I’m sure a lot of us girls’ view taking pictures as a hobby nowadays.


(I know crazy friends that spend 1-2 hours taking pictures whenever they’re out but I’m sure some of ya’ll are the same)

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Whether it’s for an Insta worthy post or to update your new profile pictures on social media, we can’t deny the power and influence pictures hold in this era. So let’s dive into the 5 ways we can look better in photos! (because you don’t know when you’d be scouted for a huge opportunity *wink).

1. Study Yourself 

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To know which angles suit you best, you have to study yourself, duh (show some self-love, girls!). Okay but on a serious note, this is important. Look back at old pictures and compare the different poses. Determine what works for you and what flops!. Does this certain pose make you look fatter? Are you slouching in your photos?. Start paying attention to yourself and who knows you might have that signature pose that you’d end up using in every picture (the case for most people I know pfft).  


2. Practice Makes Perfect

Here comes the fun part! After figuring out what works for you, keep practicing your angles and poses in front of the mirror! Everyone looks good in different poses so do take note if a certain pose works for someone else but not yourself (don’t worry, we are all special snowflakes!). For example, do you think you look better facing directly to the front or tilting to the side?.


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Pro tip: don’t get stressed practicing! This is supposed to be fun so let it all out and be natural. After all, the best pictures are taken when you’re more relaxed and yourself!.

3. Move Around

Don’t be stationary, this ain’t a passport photo! Other than changing your poses, make sure to move your body and stretch around (reminds me of primary school PJK days hehe). Remember your goal which is to look natural and be yourself. If you run out of ideas, walk around and do something random! You’d be surprised to find that candid pictures could turn out to be super beautiful! (and limited edition too).

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4. Facial Expressions

Let’s admit that a lot of us are so used to smiling automatically when someone says they want to take a picture.


You definitely can’t go wrong with a smile but a variety of different facial expressions could tell different stories. Wouldn’t you want to be more creative by discovering yourself more? (me me me!).


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Strike up the fierce model look with a bad ass outfit or level up your standard smile to a laughing shot with a friend!

5. Makeup

Makeup is not necessarily needed to look good in pictures but the one thing that I like about it is that it makes you look fresh (bye bye eye bags and uneven skin tone). Most of the time (depending on the lighting), you might think that wearing heavy makeup would make you look bad (don’t worry, you won’t look like a Bratz doll gone wrong okay!) but in reality it usually looks more subtle.

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Some pictures taken by photographers may look like the models have minimalistic kind of makeup on but you’d be surprised to see that it’s actually a lot thicker than you think (what is this sorcery?!). It’s actually because the camera’s flash and lens can often make you look washed out or flat hence why a slightly thicker makeup is needed.

I hope you sweethearts find this article helpful! Have fun, stay safe, and I’ll see you in the next update! xx



Credits to our intern Natasha for writing this article!

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