5 Ways to Look Stylish With A Protective Mask

5 Ways to Look Stylish With A Protective Mask

COVID-19 has almost stripped away all of our usual fun.

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but who says us girls need to compromise looking good just because the bottom half of our faces are covered?. Let’s stay cute and safe together with these 5 stylish looks you can achieve with a protective mask!

1. Your Hair is Your Crown

Tying your hair will make you look neat and presentable overall as oppose to letting your hair down. Having strands of hair framing your face has always been a favourite as it makes your face smaller, making your features the focal point in people’s eyes (Ariana Grande who?).

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If you do want to let down your hair, make sure to at least clip certain parts to avoid your hair from misbehaving. You can also use hairspray or hair serum to help keep them in place!

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2. All About The Eyes

Attention will be mostly drawn to our eyes since it’s the only mode to convey emotions (mysterious~). Get creative and decorate your eyes however you want with eyeshadow and glitter! If you’re more of a natural gal, just doing your brows, eyeliner, and mascara would seal the deal. After all, the natural look is evergreen (wink).


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3. Which Colour Mask Suits Me?

Most of us are used to wearing either a black or white mask because they go with anything (yay, don’t need to crack our heads thinking of what to match our mask with~). Let’s try to be a little more adventurous by wearing different coloured masks instead!. Generally, everyone looks good in colours such as blues, green, and cool pink.

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For women with darker complexion, a yellow, gold, or red mask would make you stand out as the colours contrasts perfectly against your skin tone.

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Do you know that Malaysian brand Hook Clothing offers a wide variety of masks in different colours and patterns? Go check them out!


4. Matching Colours

Wanna look like a badass who has their sh*t together? Match your outfit to your protective mask to give a sense of uniformity to your whole look. I guarantee you will emit a completely different aura!. Okay but seriously, having a theme to a style you’re going for would definitely make heads turn.

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To get the most out of your look, try not to colour coordinate everything you’re wearing (tacky!). You wouldn’t want to look like an eyesore. Try matching your mask to one article of clothing and balance everything else according to the same colour palette!

5. Accessories!

Did you think I’ll forget about accessories? Not in this lifetime pfft.


Hair clips, bangles, earrings, bags, watches, jacket, you name it! Wear whatever you believe fits your look best with your protective mask! Wear as many accessories as you want if you’re feeling daring (’re a walking art) but wearing just a few could also create a subtle change that would be enough to enhance your look (minimalistic queen says hi!).  

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Let me share with you a stylish hack and yes you’re absolutely welcome in advance teehee. Get a hair clip to clip the band of your mask to your hair. This not only alleviates your ears from the annoying friction burns (not cool) but doubles as a cute hairstyle!.

Image via The Sun UK 


I hope you sweethearts found this article helpful! Let’s continue doing our part in staying safe while continue to get creative with our looks! xx




Credits to our intern Natasha for writing this article!

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