Malaysian Woman Discovers The Reason Behind Her Ridiculously Expensive TNB Bill

Malaysian Woman Discovers The Reason Behind Her Ridiculously Expensive TNB Bill
Dec 22, 2020
11:32 am


Have you ever been curious to know how much your neighbour’s electricity bills are? Maybe you should ask them because this could happen to you as well.

A Malaysian woman took to Facebook as she shared the story on how ridiculously high her electricity bill has been for the past five years.

She shared that she often fought with Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) as her electricity bill did not match her consumption. She has gone to the extent of writing a letter to the former letter of complaint to Yeo Bee Yin, who is the former energy, science, technology, environment and climate change minster as she demanded an explanation.

In her Facebook post, she has finally found out the reason behind the expensive bills.

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"People experience many absurd things through life" said the woman.

She explains that her average bill per month ranges between RM700 to RM800. "To solve this issue, I've contacted TNB countless of times. Not to mention, I've always done my own detective work like Sherlock Holmes to hopefully solve the problem," she wrote.

The woman has gone to the extent of turning off all electrical appliances and even staying over at a friend’s house to ensure she does not use electricity.

Unfortunately, none of the solutions she has done did any justice.

"It's either the electricians will tell me to replace my water heater or TNB will help me change my meter. And I've spent a lot of money replacing parts, but every time it will be the same outcome - at the end of the month, my bill will still be high," she said.


In July, the woman’s bill came up to a whopping RM1,500

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"I was so annoyed that I wanted to ask everyone in the area to launch a protest at TNB with me," she wrote.

"But nobody seemed to care enough, so I just called up the electrician again to see if there was a problem with my refrigerator."

The electrician advice the woman to contact TNB to turn off the entire electricity supply and to monitor her meter. She did so and a technician came over to turn it all off.

"The strangest thing happened then. After he turned off the power, our lights and fans were still running!" she wrote.

The TNB employee laughed when the incident happened and just as she was about to ask why he was laughing, the neighbour’s maid came over to ask “why is there no power?”


The woman than found out that the housing area developer had mislabelled her meter and has been charged the wrong bill all these years


TNB had promised a refund amounting to RM15,000 for the wrongly billed electricity charges. She is still in disbelief that she had been paying the neighbours electricity bill for 5 years.

"And to think on some days, I had to consider not taking a hot shower to save money... While I was paying for their electricity all this while. From old to young, they have three generations of people living there," she typed, adding crying emojis to the end of her post.



Credit to Says for the initial article.

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