Age is just a Number – 53 Y.O. Indonesian Grandma Proved it Right Again

Age is just a Number – 53 Y.O. Indonesian Grandma Proved it Right Again
Dec 3, 2020
3:41 pm


Some people are too good at looking much younger, as compared to us who are technically 20+ but according to our back pain we are 70. (erhem..)

Back Pain GIF by memecandy


Ok back to the topic, this Indonesia 53-year-old grandma (… I’m not comfortable calling her that) amazes the social media with her youthful looks.


(Yes people, I wasn’t kidding when I call her a grandma, that’s her grandson, born this year aiyo)

Her name is Puspa Dewi and she looks like my fellow college friends (or even younger sigh).

Here’s some family photos, with her husband, who is 56 this year (and look like a normal uncle hehe) and her two sons, who are 23 and 26 this year.






OMG! She looks so young that her sons look like her boyfriend…

According to China Press, Puspa’s secrets of looking forever 21 is to stay active, positive attitudes and a healthy diet. She is very active with sports, Zumba, basketball and running.





And if you are still wondering, why you look old…hmmm…

Couch Potato Drinking GIF
(This is literally us every day isn’t it?)


Let’s start having a healthier lifestyle and who knows we will still look good and be one of the ‘vampires’ that never age across time.

Jason Bateman Abc GIF by Emmys


Here’s a few more picture of Puspa’s before and after… except that she doesn’t age LOL.





Okie, enough of motivation people, see you at gym. Hehe.



Credit to World of Buzz and China Press for the initial release.

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