Samsung To Discontinue The Note Series?

Samsung To Discontinue The Note Series?
Dec 1, 2020
2:24 pm


Most people know the Samsung Note as one of the top flagship mobile phones from the Korean tech giants. As of 2021, the Samsung Note series may be discontinued but there has been no confirmation on when it will happen.


The Note series is most renowned for having a S Pen and this feature will be migrated to the upcoming S21 Ultra and Z Fold 3. Reports say that the Samsung Galaxy Note series will get one final release next year as the company is aiming to release only one configuration model instead of the usual two configurations available.

Mr Bean Waiting GIF by MOODMAN


It has been confirmed that the Samsung S21 Ultra will come with a S Pen but we may not know when the Z Fold devices will receive the same treatment. Looks like we will have to wait and see what Samsung has for us next year as they are going to soon reveal the Galaxy Note 21 and Z Fold 3.



Credits to Lowyat for the initial coverage.

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