Father Sets Up Hill Top Classroom For Daughter

Father Sets Up Hill Top Classroom For Daughter
Nov 30, 2020
1:54 pm


Ever thought Sabahans were the only one suffering with bad internet connection? You would be surprised as even locations such as Kelantan suffer from the lack of internet connection in the area. 

A father in Tanah Merah, Kelantan had set up a “classroom” on top of a hill in Kelantan in efforts to assist his daughter to attend her online classes and exams.

Nulieda Khaleeda Mohd Azmi 20, is a second-year medial laboratory technology student from University of Malaya. The village situated in Tanah Merah, Kelantan has poor internet and telecommunication coverage and she must travel to the nearest town situated 3 kilometres away to gain decent internet connection.


As Kelantan has been placed under the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) as of 21 November, her father, Mohd Azmi had set up a makeshift classroom for his daughter under a tent with tables and a portable wifi broadband for his daughter. He would also accompany his daughter at the tent until she finishes her class or exams.

Nurleida Khaleeda uses the classroom everyday except for the night-time due to risk of exposure to venomous animals. “What worries me most is that I’m currently sitting for examinations from Nov 23 until Dec 3. I have to switch on my handphone camera to allow the lecturers to monitor me.”


“I am quite stressed with the intermittent Internet connection in the village which makes it difficult for me to sit for my examinations. In fact, the two hours provided were insufficient due to the unstable connection. If the Internet disconnects, I have to start over and no additional time is given,” said Nurleida.


“In Fact, some younger people have even built tree houses to get better coverage” he said. - Bernama

Check the video below:



Credits to Bernama for the initial coverage.

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