Biden for president? Kan Cheong [email protected] Friday 6th Nov

Biden for president? Kan Cheong Updates@6PM Friday 6th Nov
Nov 6, 2020
6:18 pm

Quick News:
* Biden just flipped Georgia where he was trailing Trump the past 3 days
* Biden closing the gap very quickly in Pennsylvania (where he was behind 600k votes 3 days ago)


Teh Tarik Break about the US Presidential Election

As the Presidential Election 2020 is still going on in the United States, we can’t help on being curious on the outcome of the election. 

Nail Biting GIF by memecandy


So, what’s been going on halfway across the world?





As of now, Donald Trump and Joe Biden are neck and neck in the count of electoral votes in the state of Georgia for more than THREE DAYS now (anyone still remember staying up for GE14 back in 2018?) and most of the world is looking with bated breaths, or just pure amusement at who will come out on top. 

We assume this is how the American reporters are feeling right now


Even our fellow Malaysians can’t help at making comical shorts of what’s going on.


Meanwhile in America, even their own citizen got their own flag wrong (yikes)!


I got to hand it to you, people are getting really creative with their videos memes too.


Jokes aside, who do you think will be the 46th President of the United States? Let us know in the comments below as we believe every vote should be counted!


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