Going Viral .. One Netizen's Real View on Politics vs. Urban Idealists.

Going Viral .. One Netizen's Real View on Politics vs. Urban Idealists.
Oct 28, 2020
5:24 pm

A netizen has written an open letter to DAP criticizing about their empty promises, empty actions and idealism which led to the disintegration of the whole party. Here is how the letter goes:



Your principles, ideals and policies are so detached from reality and the system in which you operate in. Your naivety is why you lost power after 22 months. It’s not too late to act, CHANGE NOW!

This is a thread.

Post Bersatu leaving and the Govt collapsing in Feb, DAP has become tainted by design. Cytros, PN, UMNO, everyone needed someone to blame and DAP is ready made for it thanks to Mahathir's years of propaganda.

What is DAP's image now?





We can go on and on about how its fake news but the fact is, the ordinary Malaysian on the ground believes it. If they go to polls now, they will go back to having a maximum of 30 seats and not a single one more. Why? Even fence sitters or rational Malays now have doubt.

It did not help that LGE and Tony Pua behaved like accountants and auditors, focusing on balancing the books, not facing reality which is trickles down economics. The fact is the B40, majority Malays need and rely on handouts. What did they do? Reduce subsidies. Remove subsidies.

Next, you alienated GPS and Sarawak by withholding funding. You made it hard because of state level politics. Today, GPS, a party with 18 seats that could have helped you retain power is firmly against you. Totally naive yet again! Then you ask Anwar to get support, from where?

Fundamentally, DAP with all their policies and ideals were totally out of touch with reality. They tried to under 65 years of systemic failure in 6.5 months, mad or what? No one cared about 1MDB and GST once their rice bowls were being affected. Malaysia is bigger than Bangsar!

The whole thing comes down to DAP's arrogance in thinking only their way is right and they are the most righteous. In politics and economy, especially in Malaysia you need to understand realpolitik.

This is why Mahathir and UMNO has been so succesful for decades!

The cold hard truth is that you will NEVER obtain power in Malaysia without the support of the Malays.

Yet, you argue and fight with every damn Malay party. PAS gaduh. PPBM gaduh. UMNO gaduh.

Pejuang will save you?

For heavens sake, get real! You cannot do it on your own.

DAP please set aside your ego and arrogance. If you want to effect change, first understand the process and then give into concessions for the greater good.

You have a golden opportunity now to come out of this whole debacle smelling like roses. How?

If you have to work with UMNO, do it. Frame it how you will, for the good of the country. To fight Covid19. Whatever!

1. Be reasonable with your terms.

2. Accept your limitations.

3. Be people friendly.

4. Don't forget that people = 65% Malays.

5. Understand the system. 

No one is asking you to work with Najib and Zahid. Neither will be in Cabinet. They have cases going on. Let the courts handle it. You focus on the damn job at hand.

Play your cards right. Your opponent is the deep state. Stop moaning about it. They are playing chess, not guli. Your empty rhetoric about 'saving Malaysia' will only get you so far. It’s time to get real.

If you want to bring about change, you first need power. Power requires Malay party support. This is the absolute truth.

Otherwise, remain the Opposition.


A realist Msian.

cc: @guanenglim @tonypua @imokman @hannahyeoh @teresakok @GobindSinghDeo @yeobeeyin @chowkonyeow @limkitsiang @LiewChinTong @youngsyefura @syahredzan

Link to the full letter:


Personal note: In all honesty, I appreciate what DAP has done for us when they first won the nationwide elections in 2018 with Pakatan Harapan. At the very beginning, there were many promises declared to be fulfilled in the first 100 days. Despite running investigations on the controversial 1MDB case and establishing an advisory panel (Council of Elders), there were already many party hopping news and misalignment going on within the party.

What happened in March 2020 (The Langkah Sheraton move) was not an unexpected move. It was pre-planned for months due to misalignments, arguments, conflict and disunity within the Pakatan Harapan itself. There was no proper arrangement and structure established to make the transfer of powers from Mahathir to Anwar in the future. 

So really, regardless what politicking tricks DAP is complaining about, they are no longer convincing enough for us (the voters) to believe in. Too much idealism is the start of the next destruction. We want ACTION! We want REALISM! We want CHANGE! Not empty declarations and promises…

What are your thoughts on this? If you are given another chance to vote, would you choose PN or PH?

Comment your answers below.


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Credits to this Twitter netizen who is being honest about himself and willing to express voices from the people who have had it enough!

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