Gone Too Soon –3 College Students Died Sleeping in the Car, 1 In Critical Condition

Gone Too Soon –3 College Students Died Sleeping in the Car, 1 In Critical Condition
Sep 18, 2020
12:05 pm

4 college students at the age of 21 years old were on their way back home after ending their girlfriend’s trip at Pulau Jerejak.

Nor Aqilah, who was the driver at that time decided to stop for a break after complaining a headache and vomiting. One of the passengers, Ayuni Shazwanie has texted her mom that they were resting at the car park before resuming their drive. What’s next was a tragedy no one expected. 

Ayuni’s father went to the site to search for the girls when her daughter failed to return home by 11pm. All 4 girls were found sleeping in the car while the engine was still running and doors were closed.

When the ambulance arrived at the scene at 1am, one of the passengers named Sharifah was already pronounced dead. Both Ayuni and Aqilah’s twin died at the hospital later. Currently, Aqilah is still in critical condition.

Checks were carried out on the vehicle and they found a possible leakage at the vehicle’s exhaust. The exhaust then produced a lot of smoke which contains carbon monoxide.

Cases of people dying while sleeping in the car are common these days. Usually the victim would not know they are breathing in poisonous gas. Carbon Monoxide will lower our oxygen levels which can give result to death.


Even one might argue its fine with opening the window partially, it is still unhealthy to sleep in your car with engines running.


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Credits to World of Buzz, Astro Awani, The True Net, Penang Kini for the resources. 

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