Hmmm..Is That A Coffee Place or A House?

Hmmm..Is That A Coffee Place or A House?
Aug 4, 2020
10:31 am

If you have a business idea during these troubled times, would you swallow it or give it a shot?

In January 2020, Mirshal Lourdusamy decided to pursue her passion by opening a modest coffee bar on the porch of her family’s terrace house. Never would she have known that staying at home would be the new living norm for society today. 

(Photo courtesy of Brew 9 website) 

(Photo courtesy of Brew 9 website) 

Brew 9 successfully bloomed into a neighbourhood go-to coffee place since the implementation of MCO. She now welcomes up to 30 customers daily into her residence in Kota Kemuning which also has a calm soothing garden perfect for coffee lovers. 

Mirshal’s vision for Brew 9 is to cultivate togetherness. You can see people of different age groups coming to visit her café.

(Photo courtesy of Eat Drink KL) 

“Our customers don't just have coffee and leave - they tend to talk to us a lot." The conversations they have with each other span everything from family matters to the education system to maintaining a work-life balance.

It’s one of those communities you will experience living in a village where everyone knows each other.

(Photo courtesy of Eat Drink KL) 

Besides, they have their very own cold brew speciality. The flavours include chocolate, matcha, creamy flavour coffee and more.

(Photo courtesy of Brew 9 website) 

(Photo courtesy of Brew 9 website) 

If you would like to pay this little community café a visit, here are the details:


Address: 18, Jalan Anggerik Eria 31/103a, Kota Kemuning, 40460 Shah Alam, Selangor.

Opening Hours: Open Tuesday-Sunday, 8am-7pm. Rest on Mondays.

Tel: 016-447-1844





Credits to EatDrinkKL for the initial coverage.

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