The World's First AWS DeepRacer Women's League is coming to Southeast Asia

The World's First AWS DeepRacer Women's League is coming to Southeast Asia
Jul 28, 2020
4:27 pm

Calling women tech lovers and women race car enthusiasts. This is the time for you to shine!

Organised by Amazon Web Services Inc (AWS), the world’s first AWS DeepRacer Women’s League is coming to Southeast Asia. The purpose of the event is to help hundreds of women students across Southeast Asia develop machine learning skills and encourage diversity in the technology sector.

This event features a race using fully autonomous, scaled-down cars that have been trained in using reinforcement learning (RL). Participants do not need any experience and knowledge of machine learning (ML) skills.

Nope, you don’t need to be physically present at a venue to race. You can do it virtually. Here are the official race dates for different ASEAN countries:

Thailand              - 1 August 2020

Indonesia            - 15 August 2020

Malaysia              - 8 August 2020

Philippines         - 22 August 2020

Singapore           - 29 August 2020

GRAND FINALE             - September 2020 (TBC)

*The registration deadline for Malaysia is 30 July 2020*

So what do the winners get?

The 5 women with the fastest race time will win AWS promotional credits valued at USD$ 300 each. That’s about RM1300.

First 3 places will take home a trophy and the three winners for each country will be shortlisted for the grand finale to compete with winners from other countries.

Prizes for the grand finale are valued at USD $1000 each and winners can get a high-end monitor plus a trophy.

Sweet! How do I Register?

Check out the terms and conditions on their official website here:

GOOD LUCK! *Wink* 

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