Malaysian Actress Bella Rahim Gets VIP Treatment in Train to Busan 2

Malaysian Actress Bella Rahim Gets VIP Treatment in Train to Busan 2
Jul 23, 2020
12:59 pm

A few days ago, GSC released a sneak peek of the newly released Korean thriller, Train to Busan: Peninsula. In the video, you would have noticed a lady in an army suit with a Malaysian badge sewn on her arm. You might be wondering if this is a comedy skit or the actual movie scene.

The lady is none other than Malaysian actress, Bella Rahim. That scene is her little cameo appearance in the Train to Busan sequel.

Though Bella was just a cameo actress, the production crew from Peninsula treated her like a superstar. In other words, it means VIP.

“I was treated like a superstar throughout my week-long stay in Korea. They attended to all my needs”, the actress told the reporter. As soon as I got down from the plane, the crew ushered me into a stylish car which took me to my hotel. After that, I was given halal food and went for a fitting,"

Wow, so much care from the Korean film production crews!

Bella was first approached by her agent back in May 2019 for the role. At that time, she was only informed about the director’s name but not the film. After searching on google, she found out he was the director of Train to Busan.

Of course, Bella nailed the role and gotten to play as Major Jane, who is a member of the UN rescue team.

On her costume, the wardrobe and design team made the effort to show her Malaysian pride by sewing our national flag and some Jawi characters on her uniform.

So touched by them Koreans!

Kristen Bell Awww GIF

If you have not seen Train to Busan: Peninsula, they are currently showing in cinemas nationwide. Due to SOPs, cinemas only allowed a certain number of audiences into one viewing hall. So make sure you book your tickets!


Credits to Mashable SEA for the story.

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