[UPDATE] Pavithra Opens Up About Her After-Fame Problems

[UPDATE] Pavithra Opens Up About Her After-Fame Problems
Jul 23, 2020
10:57 am

For the past two weeks, we have seen many headlines about Sugu & Pavithra's domestic abuse case. From deleting all their YouTube videos to rejecting the Ipoh City Icon Award, Pavithra has finally gathered her courage to speak out.

(Pavithra and Sugu deleted all the videos on their YouTube Channel once the incident was made public.) 

(Sugu was detained by the police for hitting Pavithra in a hospital while she was visiting her relative.) 

When things finally settled down, Pavithra reuploaded some of her previous cooking videos onto the channel. In addition to that, she also released a 5-minute video titled "Inilah sebab menjadi masalah"

In the video, she opened up about her existing family problems that affected her relationship with Sugu. 

“My family, who has never helped me since I married Sugu seven years ago, suddenly appeared in my life after I had become successful and started borrowing money from my husband. This caused a lot of family problems,” Pavithra conversed this in Malay. 

Presence of fame and media has caused disruption to their privacy for the past few months. The couple found it harder to cope than before when all eyes were on them. 

She also crushed speculations by crediting her husband to her success. If it wasn't for her husband, her videos wouldn't have gone viral.  

At the end of the video, Pavithra did hint that she will make a comeback soon and urged her fans to support her as usual and give her all the time she needs. 


Let's not judge a book by its cover! What we see on the surface may not be the entire truth. I hope they manage to heal and reconcile their relationship as time goes by. 

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Credits to Malay Mail for the initial coverage.

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