Malaysia Coronavirus Updates 14th July- 4 Positive Cases Confirmed

Malaysia Coronavirus Updates 14th July- 4 Positive Cases Confirmed
Jul 14, 2020
3:22 pm

There are only 4 confirmed positive cases in Malaysia today. All 4 cases are imported and 0 local transmissions. Reports show that 4 patients have successfully recovered today and there are 6 patients currently in ICU. 

Let's do a quick rewind of results from last Saturday (11/7/2020) till Monday (13/7/2020).

Monday 13/7/2020- 7 Positive Cases Confirmed

Sunday 12/7/2020- 14 Positive Cases Confirmed

Saturday 11/7/2020- 8 Positive Cases Confirmed

Looks like there isn't a significant spike in cases. However, The World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned us that there will be no return to normal in the foreseeable future if we do not follow public health advice.

Currently, total Coronavirus cases are approaching 13 million and more than 570,000 deaths have been reported.

Even if Malaysia has finally stabilised the outbreak, we must always, always practice the 3Ws

  • Wash your hands
  • Wear your mask
  • Warn yourself on social distancing

Malaysian experts warn us about the consequences of complacency after Melbourne announced a second lockdown on Thursday. This is one example if you don’t practice right hygiene. You can end up becoming a super spreader like this woman in Australia.

Told You So Comedy GIF by NETFLIX

Besides Australia, Hong Kong is also going on a 2nd lockdown.

Switch sides a little bit! Here is one good news that just came in. Malaysia and Singapore are expected to reopen borders on Aug 10.  For now, the permission will only apply to essential business and official purposes between both countries. Travellers will need to submit a controlled itinerary to relevant authorities. 

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Credits to KPKesihatan, Australia News, US News, Deadline and New Strait Times for the initial coverage.

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