STAYCATION the new Word. 5 Spots in PENANG to RESTART your Instagram

STAYCATION the new Word. 5 Spots in PENANG to RESTART your Instagram
Jul 14, 2020
2:50 pm

Since international air travel is affected by the lockdown, staycation has become a popular lifestyle trend for most of us to plan a short getaway. Instagrammable, Pinterest picture perfect and a mixture of ancient luxury, these are Penang’s staycation spots that you should experience at least once in a lifetime.


1. Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion – The Blue Mansion

Photo courtesy of Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion

Recognised as UNESCO’s Most Excellent Project in the Asia Pacific Heritage Awards, this blue mansion is a hot tourist spot and heritage hotel for many travellers. The hotel has a setting of East meets West glamour in its' architecture. Oh, and before I forget, do you know it’s also one of the Crazy Rich Asians backdrop?

Take a look.


2. 88 Armenian Street

Photo courtesy of 88 Armenian Street Penang

Copper elements, white brick walls and wooden flooring, 88 Armenian Street is known for giving its’ residents a taste of British architecture living. The design is meant to pay tribute to Armenian Street’s nickname as ‘Coppersmith Street’ in the old days.


Take a look.


3. Jawi Peranakan Mansion

Photo courtesy of Jawi Peranakan Mansion

This is a place to be if you want to experience a Muslim heritage feeling. Coloured glass screens, spectacular outdoor fountains and a Mughal themed design setting; the mansion is situated along Hutton Lane, which was known as the “Malay Millionaires Row” of George Town.


Take a look.


4. The Edison

Photo courtesy of The Edison George Town

Do not you miss this perfect Instagrammable spot when you come to The Edison. This colonial heritage is the unique side of the 35-room boutique hotel. Make sure you take a shot of yourself against the bright lux interiors.


Take a look


5. Yeng Keng Hotel

Photo courtesy of Yeng Keng Hotel

This is not your typical heritage boutique hotel. It has a European essence set in the midst of an Asian city. Yeng Keng Hotel is the perfect getaway spot for travellers who want a minimalist setting that provides plush comfort. Neat and tidy, you won’t run out of any holiday essentials. Plus, their Hainanese and Western favourites are must-eat cuisines.  

Take a look


These hotels are now offering a variety of promos. Best way to save your money is by travelling local lo.



Credits to Asia Tatler for the story.

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